What is export packing for furniture shipping from China?

Foshan xinyu furniture professionally supplies wedding furniture, restaurant furniture, and hotel furniture. Every customer knows that you want to receive perfect furniture. Not only need quality furniture, and also need good packaging standards for export shipping. Let us know more about what is the export packing for furniture shipping from China?

How to prepare furniture packing when shipping?

There are 3 ways of packing according to a different type of shipping.

  1. Sea freight packaging standards by full container

         PP bag with carton or nylon bag.

  1. Air freight cost packing standard

       PP bag+nylon bag+wood pallet.

  1. Modern dining furniture ship by less than one container.

     PP bag+nylon bag+wood pallet.

What about the assembled furniture packing and shipping?

Generally, a good rule of thumb to follow is to always keep furniture in one piece if first, it will fit through hallways and doorways, second, if it’s not too heavy to lift and move, and third if by keeping it in one piece it won’t get damaged during the move. For instance, we always packing table legs before packing a dining room table as the legs are fragile and we worry that they may break during the shipping.

Once you know the furniture that needs to be taken apart in order to packing it, the next step is to get the right tools and equipment.

If possible, also secure assembly instruction books that came with the furniture to the underside. If they are too large, pack them in a separate box and mark the box “instruction manuals for furniture”

How to Make Sure Parts Don’t Get Lost.

Tape the bags to the underside of larger pieces. Make sure you don’t secure them to areas that could be damaged when the tape is removed.

If the piece of furniture has lots of parts, number the parts “1 of 5”, “2 of 5”, etc… Use a small sticker and apply to the underside.

How about the furniture corner packing?

We usually are used corner packing for every furniture corner to project furniture well.

Some counties need special packing and shipping.

To prevent the introduction of non-native pests, some countries (for example, Australia, USA) prohibit the importation of non-treated coniferous wood packing materials (pallets) from certain originating countries. If using solid wood packing, we will make fumigation wood packing for furniture. And then the customer can be easy to clear custom in their country.

Trust us you will be received perfect furniture. Just need an email to you for more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact you.

More packing pictures, you can check the below pictures.

1.packing furniture for sea shipping

2.packing pictures by AIR OR BY  LCL

3.Loading container :

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